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Sometimes, going OverTime is a good thing! 

Especially when we're talking about the increasingly romantic, often humorous, time travel cattle drive journey-to-self-discovery kind-of-a-western series, OVERTIME. Luckily, Lillabit's continuing journeys are now available with BOOK 2: TURNING.

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WHAT'S NEW???(as of April 2013)

April 4 - I've set up my email list. Click here:

April 1 - I tried my first Kindle giveaway, and it was a success!  5984 copies of OverTime 1 - Searching were downloaded. It became:
#1 free Romance Time Travel
#1 free Western
#69 in the free Kindle Store.

Amazing!  I owe it to everyone who downloaded a book, posted a review, or even just through happy thoughts for Lillabit and Garrison.

ALSO:  I am now registered on GoodReads and Shelfari -- friend me!

ALSO:  I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo

As of March 2013

Most importantly--I finished Book 2 of the OVERTIME series!  It's currently available as a Kindle download, and will soon be available in print.

Uh oh--I haven't done anything new with my blog.  Instead, I finished a book :-)  Still, to see the one entry,  Click Here 

I've added an "OVERTIME - The Series" page to FaceBook. Please "friend" us!

I've added a MAP of Lillabit's adventures to my OVERTIME page-o-goodies.
Check it out

Before that:
I hit a very, VERY dry stretch. Little writing. Less publishing. After I finished the two BladeKeepers Books for Silhouette Romantic Suspense, I was DONE.

Except that I can't stay away from stories completely.

The wait for a prequel to the "Rancher's Daughters" series is OVER!  And it's OVERTIME.

A girl doesn’t wind up naked in a Kansas creek bed without asking herself the tough questions. If the first one is “Who am I,” she’s in for a rough time… or maybe the wrong time completely!

Despite the reluctant help of an 1870s trail-boss, “Lillabit” finds only contradictions. Though she’s guileless, her language shocks Texas cowboys. Though independent, she can’t rein a horse. She’s smart, but not about “current” events. And her dreams feature elevators, electricity, plumbing—and impossibility. 

Something awful has happened. So as Lillabit acclimates to the slow, steady world of an Old West cattle drive, is she really finding herself? Or is she, just maybe, losing worlds more than her memory?

Book 1 in the continuing series, OVERTIME

Available in KINDLE
and in PRINT
click HERE or on cover
for more about OVERTIME (details on OverTime 02 are pending)
THE PRINCESS OF CLEVES isn't   my book, only my abridgement. It was written in the 1600's by one Madame de LaFayette. However, I teach it during my World Lit 2 class, and students were struggling. So I took the two different public domain translations and a French version (thank you Babel Fish!), and I abridged and modernized it for the casual reader. Click on the book to see it on Amazon.com
I know the truth now:  I'm not from around here!

Amnesia was easier.

Stranded in 1870s Dodge City, Lillabit remembers: She's Elizabeth Rhinehart, a modern woman thrown back in time against her will.

Also? Someone may be out to kill her.

Her only hope of returning home lies with a trio of scientists in Colorado. To get there, Elizabeth needs safe passage with someone she can trust...  someone like the no -nonsense trail boss who first rescued her from the desert. But even if Jacob Garrison lets her rejoin his cattle drive toward Wyoming--once he learns her secrets, will he let her go home? Will she want to?

Currently available for KINDLE
on Amazon.com -- this summer, the OverTime series will be available everywhere ebooks are sold
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